Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove the old stain?
Log Home Chinking Services in Kingston, ONWe use an environmentally friendly chemical stripper first to coat the house, and then pressure wash (water) or glass blast to remove stripper and old stain.

Once the wood is clean, we condition the surface to neutralize any stripper left on/in the wood. This also brightens the wood. Depending on wood texture, sanding may also be needed.   When the surface is dry after pressure washing, it is ready for staining.  There is no drying time when glass blasting is used. We only use the best Perma-Chink products.

How long will it take to do the job?
Every log or wood home is different and should be treated as such. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to restoring and maintaining a log/wood home. First we must visit your home and evaluate what is really necessary to fix your home the way you want it. From there, we discuss and agree upon work, stain colour, any additional products needed and a projected timetable. Then a schedule is set that we can both agree on. A ‘guesstimate’ would be approximately 2 weeks complete.
My home is in 'cottage country' and so does not have easy access - only a bush road. Is that a problem?
Many beautiful natural wood or log homes are built by lakes or in heavily wooded areas. As long as your ‘bush’ road is accessible by a vehicle so that we are able to bring our equipment to your home, we can do the work. This also holds true for homes situated on islands and only accessible by boat.
Once my home restoration is done, do I have to do it every year?
Often product, home location and weather can affect when and if touch-ups are necessary. Continual scheduled upkeep will also be discussed. All these issues concerning upkeep and the best product for your needs will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of work.
You list 'insecticide' on your web site. What does that have to do with home restoration??
Often wood-loving insects come to visit and stay, and you may or may not know it. If necessary, insecticide application needs to be applied to ‘clean wood’ to be effective and therefore is recommended prior to staining to protect your home from insect attacks.
Does chinking really help with saving money on heat? Is that always part of the restoration charge?
Chinking closes air leaks and therefore reduces heat loss during the winter monthsLog Home Repairs in Kingston, ON – and that reduces your heating costs. If you happen to have central air conditioning, you will also save on cooling costs.

Although not always part of a restoration project, you may want to include this service considering the escalating costs of heating/cooling.

“Chinking??       PAY a little – SAVE a lot!!”